100 Word Challenge 3

It was a brand new day at St Josephs school in Oamaru. When I walked up to the class- room I saw something interesting like a new pet! It was a rabbit. Her name was Paris and she was a cuddly and happy rabbit. That afternoon at morning tea, Lily and Athena fed Paris. They got distracted and Paris jumped out! I thought to myself " well what a start!" We managed to catch her barely and put her back into her cage. Lily and Athena walked off laughing forgetting to feed Paris.

By Athena

100 Word Challenge 2

Thursday 1st September, I am standing here in the Pacific Stadium waiting for Becky G to hop up on the stage and rock the place up. 1000,000 people screaming and yelling excited and enthusic to see her. When she came on, it got louder and louder as song after song came on. The show lasted 5 whole days and nights to rock the house up. The sound got louder and louder as the show went on. The noise was getting a high pitch sound and a scream. It was giving me a huge head-ache and can not wait to get out.

By Athena

Just to introduce myself:)

Hello my name is Athena Toeke. I am 10 years old and I have a mum called Andrea and a Dad called Daron. I live in Oamaru. My favourite thing is dogs, I love dogs so much !!! I go to St Josephs in Oamaru. My best friend is called Lily and my teacher is Miss Lind. She is the best teacher ever !!!:) I love school and dogs of course :) I love my family and my friends and cant wait to upload again.
Bye :)

100 Word Challenge 1

My nerves get bigger and bigger as the buzzer goes to hop up to the block. As I stare into the water it began to turn green. My eyesight fades as my legs go numb. In my mind I'm thinking, pull it together. The Olympics is a one time offer. I feel fainter and fainter. More nervous and nervous. People screaming in the stands as I enter a daydream. I am waiting on the block for the buzzer, then I go and win my race. It’s the best feeling. The buzzer goes, as I faint into the water. Is this it?
By Athena